Key benefits of working with micro-influencers

Vitalii Malets
2 min readNov 30, 2017

Cooperation with influencers has an important place in marketing strategies of brands across the globe. 69% of marketers who have used this kind of advertising, consider it’s effective. Approach to the influencer marketing is constantly changing, so it’s important to follow the latest trends for best results.

Brands have used influencers in their advertising campaigns for a long time. Initially, they were placing bets solely on celebrities. For example, Britney Spears in Pepsi advertising in 2001. Over time, the cooperation with celebrities moved to blogs, then social networks and then transformed into the influencer marketing, as we know it now. Today, brands are increasingly choosing to promote not celebrities, but influencers who are trusted by the audience in social networks. According to statistics, their recommendations are willingly followed by 82% of consumers.

Such indicators isn’t surprising because people recently stopped believing celebrities. Although they have a larger number of followers, their advertising less effective. According to the Markerly study, posts of influencers who have 10k-100k followers, have the greatest involvement and the most comprehensive reach.

Understanding the effectiveness of working with small influencers, brand Clinique have invited 37 micro-influencers to tell about the launch of a new line of men’s products. The result of the advertising campaign was receiving 67 000 engaged users and 2.4 million interactions with influencers posts. Engagement rate of the campaign was 3.8 times higher than the engagement on the official Clinique’s instagram page.

The secret of micro-influencers` effectiveness

Firstly, each influencer has his own style of writing posts, so they are able to tell about your product or service with a new, creative point of view. Secondly, working with micro-influencers, you can spend the same amount of money as on one celebrity, but gain much more engagement and trust of the audience.

For example, online-service PokerStars, made a promo for a new game and attracted 45 micro-influencers. The total reach of their posts was 260 000 users. On average, each participant of the campaign led to the game 8 new users.

If you want to increase brand awareness, the cooperation with celebrities can be a good variant. But if we are talking about increasing royalty to your product, get a feedback or attract people to the event, it is better to apply to micro-influencers.

Thus, owners of the eco-project “Green school” organized the event and wanted to attract people who are interested in ecology. 50 micro-influencers generated total campaign reach of 150,000 users and over 5000 clicks on the registration link.

As you can see, the collaboration with micro-influencers is a reliable and efficient method of brand promotion. When you work with them you get significant benefits without increasing budget. Don’t chase influencers who have many followers. After all, it’s about quality, not quantity.



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